Water Features

Water Features

Water features provide tranquility to your outdoor living space.  Adding one of our natural-looking water features provides you and your guests with a peaceful place to relax, de-stress and leave your cares behind.  Curry Landscape Design offers water features such as ponds, pondless streams and waterfalls, fountains, and bubblers.  A water feature is the perfect way to add aesthetic value to your outdoor living space as well as reducing any noise pollution in your area.  We use only natural stone for our water features and most are very low maintenance.  We also offer water feature lighting to enhance the visual appeal.


Water features add aesthetic value.  Ensure that value with a maintenance plan that is uniquely designed for your project.  Water feature maintenance keeps your water clear, keeps a fresh appearance, and helps your water feature to continue to function properly.  We use natural products to guarantee a balanced ecosystem of your water feature.

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